6 Desember 2014

Warung Kopi Sidomuncul Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta

Warung Kopi Sidomuncul Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta
Warung Kopi Sidomuncul Hotel Tentrem
Taken from Javanese culture, the word “tentrem” refers to a feeling of peacefulness and tranquility–a broader meaning of “tentrem” embraces the concept of harmony between the universe and mankind, concocting a most perfect serenity.
Taking a different path than most, Hotel Tentrem is proud to be an independent hotel and we are focus on who we will become. Our culture guides our action toward our service. We believe that every individual is unique, thus we value every expression and aspiration as a contribution to better serve you. Whether you are on business or leisure, our luxurious suites, inspired interior, state of the art facilities, and thoughtful amenities will create an unforgettable experience of living in harmony.
Designed by the most creative minds in profession, built by the finest people in the industry, and manage by the most passionate hoteliers, we have finally begun our journey to serve you.

Balutan Kemewahan yang tersimpan diantara budaya tradisonal, siapa bilang citarasa tradsional kita tak bisa dikenal oleh orang luar, dengan adanya Warung kopi sidomuncul Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta ini menandakan bahwa hotel ini layak mendapat apresiasi karena tealah menumbuhkan rasa kelembutan, keindahan, passion dari kata Tradisinal.

Itulah Hotel Tentrem.

Hotel Tentrem
Jl. AM Sangaji No. 72 A Yogyakarta 55233
Phone : +62 274 641 5555
Fax : +62 274 641 5588

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